Hi, her most supreme awesomeness, Lady Kanako here. I don't really know why Sanae made me make one of these...tumble things, but oh well, here goes!

Feel free to ask me anything!
Ask her windyness!


"Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose!"

— Beetlejuice (1988)

Here’s my closet cosplay/costume for Halloween 2013! Beetlejuice has always been an idea waiting to happen, and I’m so glad I could hammer through everything to make it “legit”!

Because… who doesn’t want to be the ghost with the most?

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((Haven’t updated in ages, but me and a friend dressed up in crappy cardboard Jaeger costumes to watch Pacific Rim! We were still high on paint fumes, and that only made the movie better))

You’re pretty good.

asuccessfulbusinessman: Ms. Windyness, in leaving for Gensokyo when faith was running low, didn't you abandon your most devout followers?

By the time we left for Gensokyo, the only follower we had left was Sanae. Sad, really, to look back and see how far we had fallen from grace back then.

Anonymous: Do you like Suwako's hat?


Anonymous: Does that thing on your back ever get annoying?

Not really! I can make it disappear at will. I just use it as a form of representing my power if I need it be.

josekawashiro: kanamina why i cant trust in the others?

If thou doesn’t believe in thyself, thou cannot trust thine comrades.

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themostamazingmushroom: Have you ever had any rivalries with any other gods?

Suwako’s my biggest rival so far.

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We have a miko, does that count? 

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Behold, the ultimate lifeform! 

Behold, the ultimate lifeform! 

((That askudonge reblog really sent my JoJo drive into maximum gear. Time for more art!))

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Someone asked me recently what anime Reisen was currently watching. I accidentally deleted the question, but… this is the answer.

No apologies for the ridiculous self-indulgence and terrible pun.

Song is Roundab- Crystallized Silver from FragileOnline’s Abbey Road album.

This is the greatest thing on my dashboard. Forever.

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